chaps- Oilskin, hard wearing . ideal for protection of legs, whilst marking sheep. Riding horses. Waterproof. Adjustable two positions on the belt. price $59. 

Pants-oilskin, hard wearing. adjustable waist. Unstud at cuff, for easy on and off.Longer length for bend of leg on motorbikes. Very strong jlin in the crotch. waterproof. sizes xsm to xxl. (40in waist. ) color black.

Price$90per pair.. 


chaps. oilskin . hard wearing. adjustable  waist. brown color. waterproof. ideal leg protection  for sheep work, horse riding. price $69. one  size  fits all.


Nylon waterproof overpants.colors navy .black.yellow .green.$25 

Sizes sm to 2xl

Oilskin Pants